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Monday, October 24, 2011

Random House Pictures

I know, I have not posted before and after pictures of the house because I'm still waiting for little things to get done, like say, an actual light fixture in the kids room. But I do have some pictures of a few little projects if this gives you an idea of what kind of mess this house was that I fell in love with. And I really love this house. It is going to be tons of work and a total money pit but I can see the unbelievable potential. The minute I walked in, I knew it was our home. Gold wallpaper and all...

You can kind of make out the cool front door and total 1950's spotlight in the front hall. If you look real close you can see that white thing on the wall? The thermostat? Guess that was more important than wallpaper, lighting, rugs and art work. If you remember, we had to dig up an oil tank in the front yard and remove the wonderful landscaping in the process, have a natural gas line run to the house, and put in a new furnace. So that is my decorating right there. A little white box on the wall. I am able to change the backlighting on the display and the font so it matches the wallpaper.
What do you think? Black with yellow display?

I did some recent work to the dining room. Like get rid of all the furniture so here it is...Cozy Coupe Central.
Notice all three kids are on their walkie-talkies? They are calling each other. The person in the fire truck is very popular because the police cars are always calling the fire truck.
And apparently the dining room is now a gas station because they are always worried about the gas tank and here Eloise is in the dining room trying to jam leaves into the tank.
I had to shut down the neighborhood watch party in the dining room and move the meeting to the play room because they thought it was fun to run into the walls.

Okay, here is a project from the weekend. I have to say that this was not a project either Rich nor I were capable of without help. So this was courtesy of Sarah's husband Jim- new mailbox and house numbers.
Look at this bad boy. A rusty heart mailbox. Enough said.

Here are the house numbers. See that "string" coming from the back? Had I done this project alone I would have got some scissors and cut the string not understanding why they were attached to the brick. Then I would have been electrocuted. They were live wires because this beauty once lit up.

And the after...

Thanks Sarah, Jim and Oliver for your help. I would have tried to glue the numbers to the house once I figured out that with my drill and my piddly weak arms that I was not going to be able to drill into brick. Love, love, love it.

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