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Friday, October 28, 2011

Finally got the pictures to load

I tried again and I finally got the pictures to load so here are the pictures that went with the last post. Sorry they are not in any order but I'm trying to type this as I watch game 7 of the World Series. Go Rangers! Rich is downstairs on his bike and I don't even have to watch the game to know what is going on. I can hear his yelling even over the noise of the bike trainer. Uh oh, just heard a loud curse word. Good thing the kids are sleeping because they repeat EVERYTHING these days.

Our play date with the Kukowski triplets to frost cookies. Can you believe they are all sitting so patiently waiting?

Addy was a little freaked out about the mess it made.

Like I said, my 3 didn't last long with the cookies. That's okay, more for me to eat and eat I did. I'm a total sugar consumption pro but even 5 or 6 cookies with frosting and sprinkles can give me a headache.

Ninja Beckett.
I decided not to post the naked ones. They are best saved for a very important occasion, like blackmail.

Did I ever mention that we have a laundry chute? I absolutely love it but I think the kids love it even more. You should see what accumulates in the basement by the end of the night. Inevitably during the day I tell someone to throw away a diaper for me and it always ends up in the "chute." The first morning fight is usually about who gets to throw what down the chute when we are getting dressed. Addy likes to throw "stinky lovies" down the chute much the dismay of Eloise who thinks the stinkier the better. Guess Addy was regretting her latest toss.
Eloise has become a little fish and refuses to get out of the bathtub until all of the water is gone. Beckett likes to get out of the bathtub right after his hair is washed because it is so traumatic that he needs a little snuggling time before getting dressed. And Addy and Beckett are inseparable so many times Addy and Beckett run around naked while Eloise finishes in the bathtub. Look at these two going to check on Eloise. Doesn't Beckett look like a little old man being helped by Addy? I think he is hunched over because she is really not that much taller than him.

And here is the little darling fresh out of the tub and ready for bed. She thrives on routine and the evening routine is most consistent so this is one happy little girl.
These were my little leaf helpers the other day. This is a few days after I spent 3 hours raking.

Eloise is so determined. She was working so hard helping me push the leaves around.

Grocery shopping, real or pretend, is an absolute favorite past time. Luckily they have plenty of purses, carts, and things to shop for.

Here are the girls pouring over their loot. Mainly sippy cups and some Pooh figurines along with a few pieces of fake fruit.

I couldn't resist this posting this pouty picture of Addy with that little curl sticking out of her hat.

Ohh, here are the pictures of the rug that I won in a bet with Rich. Did I mention that our dining room is empty and has become a second playroom. The kids thought it was an excellent choo-choo train.

And a great trampoline.

And frankly a pretty groovy new floor for a dance studio.

These are pictures from Sunday when Sarah, Jim and Oliver were over helping with a few house projects. My kids absolutely idolize Oliver, who is 4. Beckett plays right next to him and you can tell just thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. Eloise laughs hysterically at everything he does, the naughtier the funnier. Addy watches him very closely and will copy his actions a few days later saying "Oliver do dat." On Sunday the figured out a game where Sarah would push Eloise down the sidewalk on the tractor, Oliver would run along side of her and then catch her before she went into the big pile of leaves in the street. It was the cutest thing to see. Total adoration.

Look at Beckett. He is trying to do the same thing but not as fast so he needs a little bit of a head start.

Apparently Beckett has a super gross diaper which Oliver pointed out by plugging his nose but later said that it smelled beautiful just to make the kids laugh.

What a funny kid. He's kind of beautiful himself don't ya think?

Speaking of beautiful- look at these gems that just came out of Sarah's garden. She is a fantastically creative cook and I can't wait to see what she is going to make with these. And bring the left overs to us... Hint, hint.

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