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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Artists

Have I mentioned that I'm not super crafty or artsy? Hmm, thought so. But, I don't want my kids to have the same fear of their inner artist like I do so I had to bite the bullet and bring out the easals and paints that we got for Christmas. I only did it with the encouragement and aide of my mom because you really have to watch these kids when you give them a whole palatte of paint to walk around with. Wait! Did I really do that?

I learned the following things:
-Addy needs a belt. Or to wear underwear. Or both.
-The tarp on the gound is essential.
-Beckett lasted about 2 minutes before the lure of fire trucks got the best of him.
-The girls will paint until the paper shreads from moisture.
-Dirty water is more fun to paint with than actual paint.
-Eloise likes to clean up paint as much as she likes to paint with it. She wiped up every speck of paint off the tarp.
-Don't ever turn your back. Or leave the jars of paint out for little fingers to reach.

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