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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not your average play date

I'm not even going to set this one up.
We had 5 sets of triplets over for a play date on Saturday. With my kids it was a total of 18 kids. 15 two-year olds and 3 one-year olds. Is there no limit to the lengths I will go to custom order bakery or have treats in the house? It was a Valentines Day party so I filled them full of sugar and sent 'em home. That was not really my intention but that is kind of what happened. I just hope the rest of the kids were not as hyped up and naughty as mine the rest of the day.
Sounds nuts I know but my kids pretty much trash the play room and living room in one morning so I figured that 15 more kids couldn't do that much more damage. Maybe a few more crackers on the floor but no big whoop. Also, since everyone there was a triplet mom they are all pretty used to the chaos and take it all in stride.

I didn't anticipate all the kids wanting to sit down for snack time so I was not prepared with 18 chairs (plus 6 more for moms). I kind of pictured bowls of goldfish around the house and kids snacking while they were playing. Kind of like a toddler happy hour with BYOSC (bring your own sippy cup). I provided goldfish, juice, Diet Coke and frosted cookies which were intended as a take home present in a treat bag but had to bring them out as bribery for a group picture. That's how they got all sugared up. Sorry!!!
I think this was the best group picture I could get. I counted 16 of the 18 in the picture. Not all are shown but I know I got the tops of their heads.

Anna, Eloise, Logan, Nathan (missing head), Leah and Jack.

Remember how I previously talked about "The Alpha girls?" I don't know how they do it. They always end up sitting by each other. They were at the head of the table. Addy in the one captains chair.

Oh my. Look at Beckett with these beautiful girls. I don't think I know who is who. As you see, Kailee and Katie are identical and Taylor? Brooke? are identical too so I'm not sure who this is!

I KNOW this is Sydney but Taylor?/Brooke? Watching these two dolls eat frosting was just too much. They were even wearing pug shirts. (FYI- Bella didn't see it, she was locked upstairs but the little vacuum cleaner was super helpful in finding the stray goldfish.)
I'm not kidding, within about 30 minutes everything was cleaned up with Rich's help and back to business as usual. Business as usual these days is no napping, T-Rex talk, and princess attitude. All the sugar didn't help.

WAIT- did I mention that Eloise is potty trained? I count it potty trained if she wears panties with no diaper or pull ups under the panties. There was a time where she would wear panties OVER the pulls up. No longer. That would have been helpful the other day at Pick n' Save when we left two puddles in middle of aisle 9. Two down. Just the boy left. I thought we were on to something the other day when he sat on the potty and started to pee. Then he peed all over his legs- don't have to tell you how that happened... and that was the end of that.

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