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Monday, February 13, 2012

New Additions

I took 2 of the 3 to a craft store today. Kind of my biggest nightmare with 2 kids running wild. I don't know why those stores freak me out. Maybe I feel inadequate as a mom with 3 toddlers that I don't really do crafts. I just have never been the crafty type. I try but it is just not me.
I promised them a toy if they behaved. I'm not above bribery and I will never pretend to be. I managed to talk Addy out of buying pink fabric paint (really, what would we do with that?) and ended up with a few pretty good things. And Addy picked something very appropriate out for Eloise to give her when we picked her up from school.
With all the stickers and glitter and flowers and whatnot I was really pleased with what we ended up with:
Beckett- An octopus that grows to 600% his size in water in 72 hours
Addy- An egg that you put in water and a dinosaur will hatch in 48-72 hours
Eloise- Same dinosaur egg

You should have seen Addy carrying around that egg before we got home to put it in water. So sweet the way she was so careful with it. Rather than just dropping it on the ground when she got bored, she handed it to me to put in my bag to carry for her. Highly unusual for this little spitfire.
Before lunch we put all of them in bowls of water and it turned into water play at the table. I don't know where Beckett gets his ideas. He loves the octopus and talks alot about how it doesn't "crawl up". I'm wondering if he thinks it is kind of like a spider with all of those legs. He has a really hard time pronouncing octopus and comes out like "oport". This kid just cracks me up.
It is really hard for 2 year olds to wait for 48 hours for a dinosaur to hatch. I figured we would put them in water and they would kind of forget about it and we could check on them once a day or so. Nope.
Here they are. Looks like that little dinosaur already started to peck a hole in the egg. That's Addy's. She really didn't care too much and wasn't really concerned that she could get a glimpse of the little guy.

Once Eloise's egg got a little hole in it, I knew it was all over. We kept telling her that her dinosaur was still growing and needed more time (we know all too well about needing more time to cook before being born!) but she didn't listen. She was bound and determined to help him escape. It took her a 20 minutes before she figured out that she could peel away the shell. She had a towel to dry off all the parts.

Squeezing so hard her eyes got crossed.
Pig tails are the new thing for Eloise. She cries at night when we take them out for bath.

While Eloise was giving her new little hatchling a bath the other two lost interest and struck up a game of baseball in the living room.

I can't keep clothes on Addy. She just loves to be naked. If it were up to her she would be totally naked all day long. Maybe just a tutu and rain boots if it is a special occasion. The problem is that it is winter, all the clothes she takes off gets thrown down the laundry chute so at the end of the day I have a full load of Addy clothes to wash AND I don't really think it is entirely too sanitary to sit naked on the furniture. Especially since she is newly potty trained and has been known to pretend to pee on things. These are the little things that we butt heads over every day- wearing clothes, taking naps, doing everything "myself", using knives. You know. The normal 2 year old stuff. I have a feeling it is just the beginning. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow.

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