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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not so winter wonderland

It is the beginning of February and looking outside I can see grass. It's been that way for a few weeks. One day last week had a high of 45. I'm not complaining about the weather but it is little scary. We have only been able to use our snow blower twice. We take turns. Rich once and me once. I even did the neighbors because it was pretty entertaining and Rich was putting the kids to bed so I didn't want to go in until that was done. If you don't pay attention to the wind and the way the snow is blowing you get a snow face wash which happened to me a few times. I need to wear goggles next time. After the first big snowfall I thought it would be fun to get the kids dressed up in all the gear to make a snowman. About 30 minutes later, everyone was dressed and it lasted oh maybe 5 minutes. The problem was the snow up the sleeves and the limited range of mobility with the hands with mittens on. The minute there was one particle of snow on a wrist or hand the screaming started and I had to replace the mittens. I think I went through 9 pairs of mittens. Beckett liked the idea of a snowman but wanted to build it himself. To him a snowman is a 3 inch pile of snow. Probably should have let them just walk around and get used to it before they tried to play in it like a giant sandbox. Cold giant sandbox.

Only picture of Eloise- after the wild ride down our neighbors driveway with her friend, Abby, I swear she must have got one tiny little crystal of snow on her face and had a melt down. In she went.

Once Eloise went in I decided to take the other two for a walk. Halfway down the block we had to turn around because Addy had to pee. I knew that would happen. I just love our neighborhood. Our street is so beautiful in the summer because of the huge trees but really pretty in the winter as well. After a fresh snow everything is so pretty around here. But give it a few days when it turns to dirty slush or dirty ice ruts in the road and I'm singing a different tune.

Oh this funny sweet little man. Tonight he was using his sweet potato fries and pretending they were a fire hose and spraying Addy. She started to cry because she said she was getting wet. He's all boy.

Right now this beautiful little guy is sleeping on the floor of his sister's bedroom because he said his room is too loud. He got up at 5 this am and came in and told me someone was talking too loud outside his window and woke him up. He remembered that tonight and was scared to sleep in his room. He also said his T Rex was too loud- the one on the wall.

Ms. Addycakes. What more can I say?

And she's done. That's my girl, just waiting for someone to take off her snow pants and bring her a hot chocolate- with marshmallows and candy canes of course.

I was going to do a post about little Eloise who was bit by the princess panties bug and has been doing amazing with my non-traditional potty training method. I was just about to do a post that she is officially potty trained- first poop in the potty tonight. Then 30 minutes later she peed on the couch. A white couch. I thought she had peed on the floor since she her wet socks seemed to be the major concern. Then I saw the couch. No potty training post today. I have to go vacuum up the baking soda I poured on the cushions. 2 cushions. Any suggestions on how to further salvage the couch would be appreciated. Don't want to buy a new one until all the pee is better controlled.

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