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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Belly Laughs

I'm sure there will be a day that the girls will not like me posting pictures of them running around without shirts but until they can vocalize their displeasure, I do as I please and I love to show off all of our hard work. I've been working so diligently to get these little munchkins to gain weight. It is ridiculous the amount, variety and quality of foods I give them but for now I feel like I have to until they catch up on the weight charts. For example, this was dinner on Thursday:
(red quinoa fish cakes, mac n'cheese made with goat cheese and pureed spinach, blueberries and watermelon followed by strawberry yogurt)

The thing is, much of this ends up on the floor and fed to the pugs so it can be very frustrating when they don't eat. Just today at lunch Rich was so mad he threatened to feed them only Gerber from now on. Maybe he'll change his mind when he sees these pictures; check out these beautiful bods...

We may need to do an little extra work with Mr. B. He's my picky eater.

And now that Eloise is walking, she may need some extra calories. Not only is she more active from with walking but she belly laughs like crazy after falling down like walking was the funniest joke she ever played on us.

I rarely can get a picture with all three facing the camera but in this case Rich barking like a dog chasing them on the couch did the trick. This was true belly laughing.

Drooling and laughing at all of the barking.

This is the scene several times a day. It starts with Addy bringing a book over. Addy always wants to sit on a lap, usually Eloise wants to sit on a lap but lately wants to practice standing. Occasionally Beckett will listen but he is usually busy collecting books and throwing them at the reader.

Believe or not, this is our downtime.

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