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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

I usually give the kids some sort of utensil to use during mealtime. But most of the time it is just something to throw at the pugs or poke their neighbor. Depending on how much of a mess I can tolerate on a given day I've been letting them try to feed themselves while I hold the bowl. The other day it just clicked for Addy. Look at this little smartypants.

Beckett kind of can do it but he is more interested stirring things and collecting spoons.

All three will shake their head no when they don't want something but in addition, Eloise will spit or make "razzberries" and shake her head for emphasis. Drama, drama. Obviously she didn't want to try the spoon today.

Another shot of little miss smartypants- this time left-handed.

Beckett is practicing blowing spit balls- courtesy and encouraged by Daddy. These are actually Veggie Straws so Rich puts a grain of rice in the straw and shoots it out at the kids. They love it. That is a little too much fine motor skills for Beckett but if he keeps blowing his spit eventually dissolves the end and mushy Veggie Straws will come shooting out.

I have to admit, this must be my bad influence. My motto for eating is that food is just a vehicle for sauce and dipping is the most important part of the meal. So here we go... Veggie Straws dipped in strawberry yogurt.

Both Beckett and Addy got in on the action.

I'm not sure how we even got a smile of out of him this weekend because after two days of fussing we figured out that he was teething and getting a MOLAR in the back. Poor little dude but what pretty teeth.

Typical at the end of the meal. Eloise is eating anything in front of her, Addy is dipping her finger in the yogurt and sucking it off her finger and Beckett has totally given up on eating and is stacking boxes and playing. No wonder he is so skinny.

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