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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Equal Opportunity

As anyone with more than one child will tell you, anything that is being utilized by another child is hands down the most fabulous toy, book, lovie, baby wipe, diaper, hair brush or sippy cup and they must simply have it immediately or their life will be forever ruined.
Such was the case one day with a pink hair bow.
Addy wanted it on her head only so she could pull it out. I'm not sure why because every time she pulled it out she got a couple of strands of hair as well. She's a tough little cookie.

I love this facial expression on Eloise, plus she is poking herself in the ear which is even better.

That looks more like my little bitty Eloise.

Like the title of the post, equal opportunity. His choice, not mine.

Does she look like she is on the brink of being naughty or what?

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