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Saturday, August 14, 2010


In the playroom the kids have several large standing toys in the corner (riding lion, Little People Farm and so forth) and then they have 3 other bins of entertainment. One bin of stuffed animals, one bin of books and one bin of other toys. Nine times out of ten the first choice of entertainment is books. It is not uncommon for all three to be sitting reading books at the same time.

Addy especially has become a little bookworm. Anytime we are sitting on the floor in the playroom, which is most of the time, she brings a book to you and sits in your lap wanting you to read. She has a repertoire of about 3 favorite books that she wants to read over and over and over and over. She also has favorite pages in these books that must be read several times.
She likes "Goodnight Gorilla", "I Love You Stinky Face", and "Doggies."
Eloise is still wild about "Wet Pet, Dry Pet, My Pet, Your Pet." In fact, I need to order a new copy because Eloise has pretty much eaten all of the yarn and fur in the book. Eloise is just doing some light reading until the new copy comes in.

Of course Addy's book is an essential one for any worthwhile party planner- Martha Stewart's "Entertaining" from 1982.

Addy loves when you scare her like popping out from behind a chair or the bed. She loves it even more when her brother is not pestering her. He was napping for this photo session. Thanks love.

You can see the height discrepancy between the girls even though Addy is on her toes with her head back. There is no way that Eloise would have been able to reach the books on the top shelf by herself. Kind of looks like Addy has full pants because her diaper cover is hanging so low...

At this point we have pretty much limited the books to board books because another other book gets torn apart or eaten. There are even corners missing from the board books because Eloise likes to eat paper and cardboard. They've gotten better and will not fuss too much before handing over contraband paper but not usually before I have to fish some out of a mouth.
For example, eating a puzzle piece that I had previously hidden in the guest room.

Oh yeah, when they are not reading they are climbing. On the couch, off the couch, shelves, today the changing table and when they even get the slightest opportunity, they want to climb stairs.

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  1. Kate, I absolutely love your blog. I look forward to seeing the pics and hearing your thoughts and humor in raising these beautiful (hard core) babes. Thank you for this.