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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

One step forward and two steps back explains the last few days.

The step forward is truly a step forward. ELOISE CAN WALK! Well, she can take a couple steps forward before falling flat on her face or flat on her back. No kidding, we can't figure out why she won't bend like ummm maybe her knees or waist to protect herself from falling straight like a board. It is the darnedest thing. Don't have a picture of it but I have a picture of her brushing her hair for the first time.

Oh yeah, they are all starting to follow directions and respond to questions. For example:
-Brush your hair. (Addy and Eloise do this.)
-Where is your belly? (The girls pokes themselves in the belly and Beckett spits at me.)
-What sound does a horse make? (They all spit.)
-What sound does a snake make? (More spitting.)
-What sound does a pterodactyl make? (I'm trying to get them to flap their arms and say "caw-caw." It's pretty hit or miss.)
-Please put your socks on. (Addy is the only one who is told this repeatedly. She can't put them on but can find them and get them close to her feet.)
This is why- she pulls her socks off constantly.

Speaking of Addy, she has taken a step backwards in the napping department. Yesterday she did not sleep for one minute. She was in the pack n'play screaming to get out a few times when I mistakenly thought she should be napping. Silly me. I guess this 13 month old is done napping. This weekend she was refusing to nap in the morning but we eventually got her to nap after lunch. Then yesterday NOT ONE MINUTE. I can't even tell you how disastrous it is for my schedule when they are not napping at the same time.

And the last step backwards has to do with our little pug Pickles. I've said before that she is blind but not totally blind. That may not be true any longer. This morning at 5:30 AM she accidentally fell in the pool because she couldn't see where she was going. I thought I was going to have to dive in after her but I ended up just having to pull her out of the pool and spend 20 minutes drying her off. She has been running into me, running into doors and wanders around the house trying to find me. Poor little girl.

Have to end on a positive note.
Here is my beautiful little spitter.

The bucket on the head is not the only goofy thing this girl does...

That's the top of a toy drum by the way. Addy and Beckett smash it against their face and laugh.

And finally one of my favorite pictures of the day. A favorite activity of the girls with their favorite friend, Clarke.

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  1. Mine love to do that too with the top of the drum. At around 13 months, mine began nappnig irregularly and waking up at night. I cut out the morning nap, moving everyone to just one nap a day. It was terrifying b/c I loved the 2 naps a day deal. It took some getting used to, but now they nap from 2-4 hours every afternoon and normally sleep well at night too. Thought this might help!