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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mum's Day 2011

Rich says that Mother's Day is like my second birthday of the year. Sometimes it feels like that's how fast I'm aging. We had a rough start to the day with Addy starting to cry at 6 am. Sheesh. I never know when they are going wake up. The other day they started making noise around 7 but played until 7:30 when I went in. Then there are days like today when the crying starts at 6 am. We tried to ignore it and I even told Rich to turn off the monitor. Nice huh? We can still hear her crying in our room without the monitor so at that point the monitor was just added annoying noise.
Rich thought he heard a thump and went running in because we thought she climbed out of her crib like Beckett. Nope. Probably just kicking something. So we had an early start which was good since we went to a super popular breakfast place and it got really crowded a few minutes after we got there. Even getting there at 7:30, we still only got one high chair. We are the highchair hogs everywhere we go. Sometimes I feel sorry for the families that come behind us because we usually snatch up all the highchairs.
Our kids eat so well in restaurants. By well, I don't mean with good manners but I mean they eat A LOT. And today they ate A LOT of whipped cream and bacon. I only give them soy bacon at home so when they got the real thing, Nueskes Bacon, they went hog wild (pun intended). It's the best bacon around, even Martha Stewart agrees. Beckett of course would not eat the fat, only the lean part. As a treat, we also ordered them whipped cream with strawberries and bananas. Eloise was shoveling it in her mouth by the spoonful.
The boy loves dump trucks- way more than food.
Addy dropped her car in the whipped cream then proceeded to use the car as a utensil for eating her whipped cream. Like I said, not the best manners.

After breakfast it was maybe 8:30 and maybe 45 degrees out. Since it wasn't snowing, it was a perfect time to go to the park. Rich said that if it snows again this season our house search will continue in Dallas.
At this particular park, we park our car about 1/4 mile from the playground and walk a path on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. It is such a great park. And it must be a bird haven because the only other people we saw at first were bird watchers. I assume that's what they were because they were tons of people walking around with binoculars and super cool looking camera's with really long lenses. I'm sure they were thrilled when they saw our crew coming.

As with the rest of our lives, the time at the playground eventually falls into a routine. Eloise swings, Addy climbs and Beckett picks sand, dirt, sticks and whatever else he can find.

Addy must be waiting for someone to push her.
She figured out how to push herself.
Not sure that was a good idea after all that bacon...

I don't know where he got this. He likes to throw things at trees. Sticks, stones, pine cones or whatever he finds. Here he has a rock. Earlier he picked up dog poop.

Not me, I would never pick up poop!!!

They were so tired they sat down on the bridge walking back to the car.

This park is also home to one of the nicest restaurants in Milwaukee. It just so happens that in front of the restaurant and about 75 yards from our car, the meltdowns started so we had to stop and regroup with snacks. So this pictures reminds me of the Mother's Day my family took me out to eat to a really fancy restaurant... (you can see it in the background.)Seriously, why is there a picnic bench there? You are just asking for riff-raff like us to sit and gawk at everyone going in and out balancing on their heels and adjusting their stockings.

In front of the restaurant is a lawn bowling green. I guess that is what is is called. There is no bocce ball allowed. Only bowling. I don't know the difference. All I know is that it makes for really beautiful pictures. And there were a few lawn bowling balls around which made for a perfect toy.

Perfect if there were 3 rather than 2...

Love this picture. Of course they are trying to climb the fence. The day would not be complete with a few good climbs and highjinks.

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