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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No, No, No

Yelling "No!!!" is great entertainment for everyone. Addy started it, now Beckett does it as well because he thinks it is so funny. Eloise has yet to jump on that bandwagon. Addy prefers to yell it when she can actually watch herself. Like in this video she is watching herself in the reflection of the television (which you can't see). Most of time she watches herself make faces, stretch and stand on one leg but I'm so happy she now figured out how to watch herself yell...

-Just a disclaimer so my Mom stops making fun of me for posting pictures of the kids not clothed... I actually do put clothes on my kids and I don't let them run around all day just in onesies (Beckett is dressed- pants are too short- but he is dressed). This happened to be after dinner and the girls were a total mess so I stripped off their clothes before bath time. There. Maybe comment on how safety-conscious we are to let the kids run wild on the couch? That's totally legit because this is certainly not the safest activity. Funny, but not safe.

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