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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Every once in a while, Beckett decides to do a somersault which I think he learned how to do when tumbling from crib to crib. Unfortunately he decided to tumble out of his crib the other day and onto the floor. He ended up with a bruise on his head but it scared him enough that I'm not sure when he will work up enough courage to try it again. He never does any tumbling on command and I just have to be lucky enough to catch it.

In case you missed it, here is another one. I actually was recording what bad parents we are to let the kids jump from the coffee table to the couch and then onto the floor when I saw the elastic man out of the corner of my eye.

He is the only one who can do somersaults. Addy thinks she is when she does a log roll on the floor. It must have something to do with bellies getting in the way for the girls. Beckett is able to do things like somersaults and ascend and descend the stairs very quickly and efficiently (Rich's terms, not mine) because of what Rich likes to call his "power to weight ratio." I don't know exactly what that is and I don't think I want to calculate mine but I translate that as a compliment for Beckett if he were training for a triathlon. It's official. We are in full Ironman training mode around here.

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