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Monday, October 19, 2009

Addy Update

I took Addy to a maxillofacial plastic surgeon at Children's Hospital today to look at the bump on her forehead and her ears. First of all, I was totally freaked out because they have staff and security at at the entrance of the Hospital screening for flu and handing out masks. I think it was because I was close to the ER entrance. I had Addy totally covered by both shades on the stroller so no germs would get on her. I know that probably didn't help but it made me feel better. I had my hospital grade hand sanitizer in the cup holder. Luckily I was in the wrong building and it was a little less scary in the next building.

The surgeon said that the bump and redness above her left eye is definitely a hemangioma. He said that they are very common and 10% of infants have some version- or maybe it was 10% of premature babies. I can't remember. But I know they are more common in babies that were born prematurely. The most aggressive growth is usually in the first 2 months and the growth will stop at about 6 months to 1 year. He said that for her, it is cosmetic and unless there was a huge growth spurt, it would in no way impact her eyesight. When they are much larger, there are 2 different medications for treatment but the medications (steroid and a beta-blocker) can have negative cardiovascular and respiratory implications. No thanks!
It sounds as if the hemangioma will disappear without treatment by the time Addy goes to kindergarten which I guess is about the time that kids start to notice that kind of stuff.

Seeing the other babies and kids in the clinic put it in perspective that her hemangioma is really very minor compared to what we could be dealing with. We will go back in 2 months just for a check up and then yearly after that.

He also looked and her ears and said that she is going to have pointed ears. That's just they way they are. I'm glad. I think everyone should have at least one baby with pointy ears. It's good luck.

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