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Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Activities

I thought I was a goner late last week when Rich was at a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas on Thursday night and my night nanny cancelled and I didn't have any help on Friday until Rich got home on Friday afternoon. Uggg. Actually it was not too bad, I got about 3 hours of sleep because Beckett decided that he was going to whine from 2:30 to 4:30 and I refused to pick him up. I figured out that between Rich and I and the two night nannies that we all pick up Beckett and snuggle with him and he ends up spending most of the night outside of the crib. So Thursday night every 5 minutes (I timed it) I went over to the crib, told him it would be okay, popped his pacifier in his mouth and walked away. That's what I did every 5 minutes for 2 hours. Saturday night was much better and he only whined for a few minutes.
This is what a whining little Beckett looks like.

Beckett not whining

Speaking of whining, he had a big scare on Saturday. We took the babies to a nature preserve for a walk and it started to pour so Rich RAN the babies about 1/2 mile back to the car. I was tagging behind and I could hear Beckett screaming. The girls slept but Beckett probably thought he was getting the biggest bath of his life which is why he was so mad.

We are also cutting out the 2 AM feeding and Eloise slept through the 2 AM all the way to the 5 AM feeding 2 of the last 3 nights. She eats the most during the day so it makes sense she is the first to drop that feeding.
She is so proud of her herself. She is such a little smarty-pants.

Actually, the last several days she gets really smiley right before eating at 8 PM and going to sleep. All I have to do to make her smile is sing "Old McDonald had a farm" and sing about the different dinosaurs Old McDonald kept on the farm despite the code violations. She really likes raptorsaurus.

Speaking of sleeping, for some reason Beckett and Eloise were sleeping this weekend with their arms straight out.

Addy and Eloise were holding hands

Oh, my little Adeline. We switched formulas and she is doing so much better. She still farts like a full grown man who just ate a pot of chili with beans but the hours of crying have slowed down and she is actually smiling sometimes. It made me so sad when I saw her smiling because I realized how uncomfortable she had been and that she was always crying or sleeping so lately she never looked relaxed or happy. But now I get to see those little dimples every once in a while.

Here she is not worried about her tummy but about her hair and tucking those loose strands, I mean strand, behind her little pointed ear.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on what worked with their "high need" babies- a Dr. Sears term. Right now we have her on Nutramigen, Dr. Browns bottles, Honey consistency thickener and Prevacid. They all are on thickener and Prevacid but the other two are on the Similac Isomil, thank goodness because of the cost.

This is one days worth of hand washed bottles.

On Saturday morning, Rich watched the babies while I did the "Make a Wish" bike ride because The Heart Hospital (where I work) had a team. I hadn't been on my bike in almost a year so I was a little nervous. I was even more nervous when I got there and it seemed like everyone else looked like serious bike riders. I started to rethink putting the wicker basket on the front of my bike but then where would I put my keys, Gatorade, Chapstick and my HORN.

(nice port-a-potty shot!)

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