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Monday, October 26, 2009

We have a roller...

My big girl Addy is the first to turn over. It was really an accident and really was an attempt on her part to get out of doing tummy-time. I had all three on their bellies doing tummy-time and as usual Eloise was screaming, Beckett was falling asleep and Addy had her head up looking around. She is a strong little thing. She was kicking and squiring and next thing I knew she has rolled herself over to her back. Then she played there and looked in the mirror on the activity gym for 45 minutes.
This is why we have to do tummy-time- it is called:


I don't know what people did before these activity gyms. I just bought one from another multiple mom who was done with hers and she said that her boys would hang out under it for hours. I was a non-believer until I got the triplets under it. They can go about 45 minutes to 90 minutes kicking and playing.

Today when I got home from work Eloise was in her outfit that she came home from the hospital in. Maria (our nanny) told me that I need to start sorting out the clothes because some of it was too small for the babies. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she pulled that outfit out of the basket that had all the too small preemie clothes.
Eloise looked so uncomfortable. In this picture you can really see that her height is in the 4th percentile and her head is in the 40th.

Well... I swear, she really did look uncomfortable but Eloise seems to know when to turn on the smile for the camera.

This is the same outfit that was too big 3 months ago when she came home from the hospital.

As my mom says, that belly and those rolls under the chin all took tons of work on our part (i.e., feeding them every 3 hours!) And tons of work for the babies as well.

I just couldn't resist this picture of Beckett. I wonder if he actually ate any of the medicine...

Even though we are stuck at home with limited visitors, I still get them dressed up like we were are going to go on outings. I mean, I would feel bad if I sat around in my pajamas all day.

Those eyelashes and those lips!

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