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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I felt like a terrible mom that I didn't get costumes for the babies. Honestly, I looked for some but everything I found was too big. But I have costumes for the pugs...

We took everyone for a stroll and put the costumes on the pugs. I'm a bad mom to Bella too, this the same costume she has worn for 4 years. The is the first time Pickles has been a skunk. It is really appropriate because it is sad to say these dogs have been a little neglected since the arrival of the babies. Well, neglected is relative. Right now, Bella is perched on Rich's shoulder like a parrot and Pickles is resting her face on his leg while he is watching football.

I guess the babies did get dressed up for Halloween. The had special hats and socks that they donned waiting for trick or treaters (Thanks Clarke and Laura!).

After about 30 seconds, this is what it looks like- Beckett is falling over because of the weight of his head, Eloise is about to bust open the belly on her onesie and Addy is eating her hand. I realized later when I got him undressed for his bath that Beckett's onesie was on inside out and backwards. Pretty typical around here these days.

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