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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shots, Shots and more Shots- and not the good kind either

No, I'm not talking about alcohol although I could use it after this last couple of days. The babies got shots on Thursday and Friday.
Thursday were their first set of Synagis shots. These are to protect against RSV. They will get shots every 28 days for the next 5 months.

Synagis is the only FDA-approved medication to help protect high-risk babies from severe RSV disease. Even though Synagis is given as a shot by your healthcare provider, it's not a vaccine and it works differently. Each Synagis shot provides a dose of virus-fighting substances called antibodies that help prevent RSV from infecting your baby’s lungs.
Preemies are often born before getting enough antibodies from their mothers to help fight RSV and other viruses. But preemies are also at greater risk for severe RSV disease because their lungs are less developed and their airways are narrower than those of full-term babies. Synagis helps preemies by providing more infection-fighting antibodies to help protect their vulnerable lungs from RSV.

They got weighed and our skinny little man has taken over in the weight-gaining competition. I'm a little worried all of the weight is in his head. Oh well, more brains.

BECKETT 9 lbs 8 oz
ELOISE 8 lbs 11 oz
ADELINE 9 lbs 4 oz

Here they are all lined up to get weighed (Beckett, Eloise, Addy).

We put their shirts back on and left their pants off so their little thighs were exposed. Don't they look happy? Little do they know...

I didn't take an "after" picture because it was too sad and I don't want them to remember it.
On Friday they got their 4 month immunizations. Again, I could have used a shot myself (of whiskey) after this appointment. They each got 3 shots. Their poor little legs. Beckett and Addy did very well. They only cried for a minute. But my little Eloise was so mad. Her face turned red and she screamed for about 10 minutes.
They put camouflage band-aids on their legs (Beckett's is blue)

They are really only in about the 10th percentile for their weight but before they were not even on the charts so they are doing much better. Eloise is only in the 3rd percentile for her height.
Beckett's head circumference is in the 90th percentile. I knew there was a reason the girls do better at holding their head up during tummy-time. (Eloise below)

Poor guy tries to hold it up but he usually ends up face down on the Boppy crying. Or he falls asleep from the effort.

I thought we were done with the specialists for a while now that Eloise had surgery, they have been cleared from the cardiologists, opthamologists and GI doctor. But now I'm taking Addy to a vascular surgeon on Monday at Children's Hospital because of the hemangioma on her forehead. Originally our pediatrician was not sure if it was a cyst or a hemangioma but now it looks more like a hemangioma. This is usually cosmetic but because it is close to her eye and growing we need a second opinion and plan in the event it starts to impede her eyesight. He is also going to look at her ears because it looks like the ridge at tip of her ears is growing together. That is why her ears look pointy. I like the pointy ears and I doubt they are going to do anything about it, again a cosmetic issue, but they are going to look at it as well. Then she has another appointment in December for someone to look at the shape of her head. Her head is a little pointy on top and they want to make sure this is a cosmetic issue and not something that would impede the growth of her head or brain. Poor little Addy was squished in utereo by her brother and sister which is why they think she has a few of these issues. It sounds as if this is not uncommon in higher order multiples.

I got the go-ahead to try and start them on rice cereal for thickening their formula rather than the bank-breaking Simply Thick that they have been getting. Only Eloise and Beckett are going to get it because we just got Addy all situated with her new formula and allergies are a concern for her. But because they are really only 2 months old adjusted age I'm hesitant to start this especially since the rice cereal might make them constipated and then I would have to give them prune juice or medication for the constipation. We are going to stay on the regular thickener for another month and then see where we are. But we are increasing the calorie content of the formula (more formula powder, less water) to help them get more calories, gain weight and maybe sleep through the 2 AM feeding!

My pretty girls (sideways)

"Good-bye" -Addy

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