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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I thought I better get these pictures up before Grandma comes back again so here we go...
Bath time is really favorite for Grandma. I think for us it is a favorite for all of us because you can really see that the babies are putting on weight and they look so much healthier!
"Tummy time is especially insulting when I'm naked!" -BECKETT
Don't worry about leaving him on the counter where he can fall. I'm actually right next to him but that is my reflection in the mirror.

So much better!

Look at the belly on Eloise, the missing hair, the big cheeks and the ity-bity nose.

Addy looks so pouty, probably because half the time they fall asleep before bath time and I wake them up. I know, I should never wake a sleeping baby but they love their bath and fall back asleep after. And don't they know I have a schedule to keep?
They are all so happy after their bath. I usually don't carry them around naked like this too much because with 3, the odds are that I end getting peed on.

I'm so happy that we have this documented. All three sleeping at the same time after their morning bottle. I'm not sure how much longer they will all fit in the play yard.

Sometimes these babies look so different from one another, if we didn't know better....
Anyway, Addy has this porcelain-pink skin while Eloise is much darker like she just got back from a beach vacation.

And Beckett is the same color as a tan microfiber couch.
Or maybe he is the same color as milk. Who's your daddy little boy?

An example of how 5 month olds solve disputes.

I guess they worked it out between themselves.

Our nannies- Maria and her daughter Jenny. Eloise is obsessed with Jenny. She smiles and laughs the minute Jenny walks in the house and isn't happy until Jenny picks her up.

I know this is random but I was pulling off dead leaves from one of my plants outside and all of the sudden I felt something squishy and then smelled something TERRIBLE. I had grabbed one of these bugs. They must put off a scent when threatened. I'm pretty sure these guys are eating this plant but I'm so curious about them and I think it is funny they smell and look like mold that I let them. They've been there for about 10 days now. Any idea what they are? I'm guessing "stinky caterpillar" isn't an official name.

Eloise browsing the CREWCUTS catalogue for dresses (Grandma's BAD influence). We didn't tell her that she will have to wait a year or so to fit into the clothes.

Here is a PREVIEW of the holiday pictures with the babies in Santa costumes. I'm sure they were screaming about being on their tummies.

I love this pictures because you can tell (by me in the background)how much fun it is to have triplets at the holidays.

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