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Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Shots

The babies got their second Synagis shots on Thursday. Once we got them undressed they started to cry. I think at this point they have figured out that getting naked in a little room with paper on the table means a shot in the leg.
Luckily I wasn't there by myself because comforting more than one hysterical baby can be difficult. Our nanny, Maria, was there to help.

The best part is that they get weighed and I get to find out how big they are getting.

BECKETT- 10 lbs 11 oz

ADELINE- 10 lbs 10 oz

ELOISE- 10 lbs even

It is amazing to me that Eloise is still so much smaller since she eats so much. My mom reminded me that my babies at 5 months are still smaller than my brother Isaac was when he was born. YIKES!

After the shots, I took a few picture while waiting for the car.

Poor little Addy had a mosquito bite on her cheek. You can see how pale and porcelain her skin is.

Eloise sticking out her tongue at me. I guess she was showing me how she felt about getting a shot in her leg every 28 days.

Beckett is really the sweetest little boy.

I guess this doctor visit really wore out my little Addy, she fell asleep playing and grasping a toy.

My mom is here visiting and I think she has taken about 500 picture so far. I may have to get more memory on my computer before I can even download the pictures to post them. I'm also working on posting some video but whenever I take video and look back at it, I can't believe that I sound like such a knucklehead talking to the babies. I also never realized what a strong Midwestern accent I have. My mom and I will work on getting video this week. Oh yeah, hey.

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