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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just a weekend in November

If you ever wonder what we do during a weekend with triplets, this is just an example of a typical Saturday.

After breakfast they like to read books and work on their head control. Clearly, some are better than others. Just today after tummy time, Beckett had blanket-burn on his nose and snot smeared all over his face from crying. It was very sad but very necessary (his head is so large he needs extra work)

After the morning exercise and books, we went to cheer on the walkers for the 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk that was going on here in Dallas.

Eloise worked her pink tennis shoes to show her support.

Rich's friend, Carrie, was walking so Beckett was keeping an eye out for her. Or maybe he just liked all the ladies.

Finally we saw her. Love the pink cowboy hat. Rich was going to ask her what she was wearing in order to pick her out of the crowd. Hmmm, I wonder what he would have thought he could find her if said if she said, "Pink."

I was a little uncomfortable at the walk because we were there to cheer on the walkers and the triplets caused such a spectacle that everyone was stopping to look at them, clap for us and wanted to take pictures. I totally understand that people were taking pictures of their whole experience and seeing triplets was part of it so I wasn't too freaked out by it- mostly just surprised.

I was picking up some things downstairs and Addy left her shoes in the living room so I put them on the stairs to take up the next time I went up. The shoes looked sooooo tiny.

"I'm quite smart. I've started to suck on my fingers rather than cry. My mom likes it so much better."-Adeline

In the afternoon after lunch the girls fell asleep while Beckett was reading them a story.

Can you spot the baby in the picture? I had Beckett watching me test out my new 9vacuum.
(The nursery looks different now because I took out the chair and moved in the 3rd crib.)

After vacuuming Beckett was talking to his gorilla while waiting for his sisters to wake up.

I think he was bored without them chattering and squawking at him. He better savor those moments now, I think he is in for lots of girl talk.

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  1. Of course I love all the pictures of the babies, and they are adorable, but that picture of the shoes on the stairs is my favorite. That is just cute! But what is amazing is that you are the mother of triplets, and your stairs actually shine. Where are the dust bunnies?