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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here comes trouble- Addy

I know someday I'm not going to think it is quite so hysterical, but Addy's shenanigans totally crack me up. What a little monkey. This girl is so determined to get what she wants. She is trying so hard to crawl and getting so mad when she can't. She can do the military creep and does the downward-facing dog yoga position very well but that just makes her even madder.

She also likes to roll over to this one corner of the playroom and fling all of the books off the shelf and then keep rolling.

At this point it is just my fault for putting books there with paper jackets.
You will also notice that she rarely has two pairs of socks on. She always pulls off at least one, eats it, flings it on the ground and then tries to pull of her sibling's socks. The other day, I found her in her crib after a nap with her pants AND socks off. They were soaking wet from her chewing on them.

She can entertain herself for 2 hours at a time and I'm not kidding just rolling around on the ground examining toys, eating toys, and trying to get at anything that is within her reach.
One day this is what I saw- Addy kicking back resting her head on a ring like a pillow eating a teething biscuit.

The best part about it was that I don't even let them eat biscuits in the playroom so I'm not even sure where it came from. It must have been stuck on her clothes or on Eloise or Beckett from earlier in the day and she found it.

She can sit up for long periods of time if she really wants to. But, most of the time she won't sit for too long because she can see something in the distance that is more interesting that she just must have. I'm lucky I got this shot of her.

(Thanks Grandma for the dress. She MADE it for Addy knowing that shift dresses and leggings/tights are a favorite!!!)

Rich puts this shirt on Addy or Eloise whenever he gets a chance.

I've taken to hiding this shirt and Rich always finds it to put on one of girls. Shameless.

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