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Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Stroller- well new to us

We bought a triplet jogging stroller last April or May from my friend Candace whose triplets had gotten too big for it. Her toddlers were over 30 lbs each so the combined weight of the stroller and babies was well over 100 lbs. I guess in two years that will be my fate as well, pushing over 100 lbs just to go for a walk.

It has been hanging in our garage for almost a year just waiting for the babies to be big enough to sit up comfortably and for the weather to be warm enough that they wouldn't need their "Bundle Me"s from their car seats.

This weekend the temperature was close to the 70's.
They all can sit up comfortably.
(I rarely put them this close together because I'm afraid Beckett is going to topple over and take out the other two with his helmet.)

So Rich pumped up the tires and we took it out for a long awaited spin.

They loved it. Apparently the scenery around our neighborhood is incredibly exciting - so exciting two fell asleep.

Beckett looks like such a big boy in his vest.

The girls were in their jean jackets and new hats from Grandma.

I love their new hats. The girls like them even more because they can pull them off and chew on the points of course!

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  1. Ahhh...there is the "purple beast" as I used to call it! Glad you all are getting out and enjoying the stroller. :)
    The babies are precious....