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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I swear, we do more than just eat!

I don't know why but I always take pictures of the babies when they are at the feeding table. Probably because they are contained in one place and I have a good probability of getting all 3 at once which is not always a given any other time.

All of the babies are insane over rice teething biscuits. When they eat these biscuits for some reason they hum together. It doesn't happen all of the time but it is incredible when it does because it reminds me that how special this journey of raising triplets can be.

Barley biscuits are a favorite also. The best part is they lose interest after about 5 minutes and in that time they have just kind of gummed the end. So I just pass it on to the next baby as long as they don't try to feed it to the pugs first. If I was really crafty, one barley biscuit could last all day but I just have it last one feeding before it becomes pug treats.

I was trying to find new finger foods for the babies that were wheat-free, cow's milk free and free of choking hazards. My solution is rice pasta tossed with goat butter and rolled in nutritional yeast. Also celery stalks.

The pasta helps with fine motor skills and gets them nice and greased up.

Addy is getting really good at cramming food into her mouth and I can even get her to slurp the topping off of the pasta.

I have to pry the pasta out of their slippery hands when it is time to get cleaned up.

Pushing cars is a much cleaner activity.

This is a pretty typical picture. Eloise is eating hers. Beckett just pushed his off the table (you can see the corner of it by Addy) and is about to cry or steal one from his sisters. Addy is making raspberry noises so it appears as if she is making proper car noises. APPEARS is the key.

Not that the feeding table pictures aren't exciting but a little nudity always shakes things up a bit.
This is an example of the wild pig wrestling match that happens every time I have to get this girl dressed (or change her diaper for that matter.)

She's having a blast and thinks making me sweat is a fabulous game.

Addy is not crawling- YET. That is because she is too busy doing yoga to worry about baby activities like crawling.

Again, typical picture. Beckett was so excited about Rich making goofy noises, Eloise was pouting and Addy was pinching my toe.

Beckett, where's the flood? Time to retire those jeans!

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