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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back in November the moms in my local multiples group who have triplets or quads got together for salsa lessons and dinner. It was featured in this month's issue of PARENTS magazine.

Salsa dancing is really hard when you try to cram your two left feet into heels that you wore BEFORE you were pregnant with triplets. I'm just lucky that I have the correct arm in air for the picture. What a clever title although we followed the dancing with Mediterranean food. Mmmmm, falafel.

This is soooo last season BUT... when we finished with our salsa lesson which was back in November 2009, who should be using the studio next but Michael Irvin getting ready for the Dancing with the Stars season finale. He was very sweet to take a picture with us even though his shirt stated otherwise, "NO PICTURES PLEASE!" Not really being familiar with his Cowboy's fame (hey, I'm from Green Bay, WI- GO PACK!) I was even more interested to check out his dancing partner. Yes, very tan and very fit with a great accent. She's in the white shirt on the left. Just kidding, that's me.

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