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Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Love

Every night before the babies go to bed, I read them 3 books. They can be wailing and fussing and usually the minute I start reading they stop and listen to me read watching me wide-eyed. Rarely do all 3 last through 3 books and I end up with one on my lap crying or Addy has rolled away or someone had their stuffed animal stolen or some other major insult. Anyway, last night after reading the first book I gave it to Addy to "read" while I finished the other two books.
It was the first time that any one of the babies really looked at a book without just trying to eat the pages. She figured what a book was and she picked a favorite, Dr. Seuss's Wet Pet, Dry Pet, Your Pet, My Pet!
This next sentence only makes sense to people who know this book! She was trying to pull the hair (yellow yarn) off the Zeds, petting the yellow fur of the pet Zeep and was scared of the blue hair. While she was looking at the book I put the other 2 babies to bed and finally after about 20 minutes I finally took the book away. She screamed and kicked like I pinched her under the upper arm. I want to encourage her intellectual curiosity but it was 20 minutes past her bedtime and I have tons to do once they go to sleep.
This morning after bottles I brought out the books again to see if last night was some strange fluke.
Apparently not.

This is NOT a staged picture. I'm not kidding, this is what she was doing by herself. I couldn't have posed those hands even if I tried.

I'm not sure Beckett has it figured out. He stole the "it" book from Addy, which is why she was sharing to nicely with her sister previously, and then ate it while doing his morning crunches with his medicine ball.

He was trying to read the book Peter Rabbit but his sister showing off crawling past was too distracting and he threw the book down in disgust.

Right now Beckett prefers presents from his Daddy that are perfect for a 9 month old-a BASEBALL BAT. Now he can protect himself from his pesky sisters.

This morning...

Beckett looked petrified like they had been caught amidst a jail break.

This afternoon...

Okay, so this last one is a staged picture but she will stand there licking the gate like a Popsicle for a very long time. She can't pull herself up quite yet. Give her a day.

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