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Sunday, March 21, 2010

What NOT to do with 9 month olds

I'm not sure why we had such a departure from good parent decision making this weekend. It wasn't the worst but after looking at the pictures I took this weekend I realized that we really were encouraging some behavior that I'm just not ready for quite yet.

For example, I caught Rich teaching Beckett to hit the paper lanterns hanging on the window.

I can live with that because he can only do that with help from his Dad.

This is where the real problem started...
This is a normal meal- finger food of rice crackers and watermelon and then a meal of lentils mixed with spinach and carrots and goat yogurt.
I think I was still on a shopping and sugar high from my visit to Central Market so I offered the babies several different kinds of foods and they had a buffet, thus expecting a buffet of foods from that point forward.
This is what they got during one meal:
-herbed goat cheese spread on celery
-rice crackers
-rice noodle coated in goat butter and nutritional yeast
-carrots, parsnips and avocado mixed together with goat milk keifer
-goat yogurt
-soy peach yogurt for dessert

And I wonder why they smell like farm animals by the end of the day. Think I need to lay off the goat products?

This was one happy boy.

She was goat greased from head to toe.

All of that followed by barley teething biscuits.

At some point I noticed that Beckett was wearing one of Eloise's socks. I think someone (RICH) was too lazy to find Beckett's socks so he took one off of Eloise figuring that each having one warm foot was better than one baby have two cold ones.

Then we thought it would be funny to try to get the babies to stand in their cribs. Hmm, didn't think that one through too well. Now we have to lower the mattresses in the cribs before they somersault out.

We just introduced her to her new favorite activity. What a grin, like she know how this is going to change her life, and ours.

He looks like such a little boy in these overalls, like he's ready to go dig worms and torture his sisters with his treasures.

The girls looking at the snow, yes, snow in March in TX.

This little pumpkin just melts my heart.

The end of the weekend, right before baths.
Addy is still standing, Eloise still smells like she is hiding some goat cheese in her neck and Beckett is trying to hide embarrassed that he was caught with a pink Boppy, again!

(Nice legs Rich!)

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