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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 Months

I promise, I'm only doing the month by month birthday up until the age of 1!

I bought the very coveted by multiple moms and no longer in production "Choo Choo Wagon" from another triplet family that no longer used it with their beautiful 4 year olds. Thanks Uma! I tried to put Addy in it and she just wanted to stand up and crawl out so we will have to wait another couple months. In the meantime, I found another use for it.

No, I didn't plant flowers in the wagon- that would have been a very expensive pot- but used it to haul flowers from the front to the back.

I went to a garage sale for the local multiples mom group that I belong to and I found a toy that may have to be hidden when there is not an adult around because it caused fights to break out. Eloise threw a good old fashioned temper tantrum when I took her off of it and then Addy tried to pull Eloise off by her diaper. Since Beckett wasn't involved in the catfight, he got to be the first rider at the picnic our friends Ed and Deborah hosted this afternoon.

He rode over to check out the bubble machine- with a little help from Daddy.

Rich was pushing him so fast he looked like he couldn't hold his head up. The faster the better.

"Umm, a little help here." -Addy

I guess I couldn't push as fast as Rich because it didn't look like her head was about to snap backwards and she wasn't catching wind in her cheeks. In fact she looks like she is trying to get me to go faster. I think we ended up bringing in the big guns- Daddy.

Eloise being distracted by Cari while waiting her turn for the most dangerous ride on earth.

You have to blow this picture up to see it but Eloise is barely hanging on and looks like she is about to tip backwards she was going so fast, on cement. Of course screaming the whole time.

The hosts of our first real picnic- Little Man(Eddie)and Deborah- where's Ed? I think Ed was busy flying the kite with the twirly-whirl tail and missed the picture opportunity.

Thanks so much for inviting us to the picnic; this is what we have been waiting for all winter long!

I've heard that the quotes from Rich are a favorite so here is one from today- and I happen to get a picture of it because it was so ridiculously hysterical.

"Hey Kate, did you know that Beckett really likes potato chips." -Rich

How could I be so silly as to not try potato chips yet. But this just proves that Rich really does listen to me, at least with one ear. No cow's milk, no wheat, no nuts, no eggs, no citrus, no honey, no berries, no meat- check. It technically fits into the current diet (if you skip the whole organic, homemade, whole grain thing). Maybe breakfast tomorrow?

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