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Saturday, April 24, 2010


If you thought that this post was about our babies playing in the mud, you must live in the North.
How many people does it take to each 20 lbs of CRAWFISH?

Well, maybe we didn't eat the whole 20 lbs, but pretty close. Our friends, Ed and Deborah, don't mess around when it comes to food, especially for a good old fashioned crawfish boil with all the fixings. I'm just sorry I didn't get pictures of the little critters before they were dipped in spicy butter. Hmmm.

They also don't mess around when it comes to toys. Their son, Eddy, who is 2 1/2 was napping when we got there so the triplets had free range of his awesome toys. They were so happy there were like little pigs in mud. They are at the age where a new toy can keep them entertained for about hmm, say 1 pan of crawfish.

Eloise playing a little ditty on the Sesame Street piano.

Basically the same picture but now you can see what she is wearing. When Rich got her dressed this morning he said, "Eloise looks like Strawberry Shortcake."
Really Rich, just how familiar are you with Strawberry Shortcake?

Beckett loved this farm. He really loved that it made animal noises every time the doors opened and closed. Playing so sweetly, until...

This is why we call her "Kong" or "The Animal."
(In her defense, it is really the angle that makes her look so big, Beckett is actually 1 oz heavier than her). She was trying to push it and walk behind it.

I think this picture was shortly before we heard a huge clunk and Addy crying. That Ed is lightening quick because he had scooped her up while I was still trying to figure out if I should wipe all the butter off my hands before picking her up. She took a pretty good tumble because it was enough to draw blood from somewhere in her mouth. It wasn't too much but it was enough to qualify for the first blood draw and lots of attention from Daddy. She was fine in about 5 minutes and ready again to terrorize Beckett.

This is how he gets back at her. Boy germs in her crib. Every morning before getting dressed.

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