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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Girl and Big Boy Pajamas

I was soooo tired of fighting with the babies about their sleepers each night. The snaps were killing me and Beckett is such a wily little character it was a squealing wild pig wrestling match each night. So when Beckett and Addy moved to 12 month pajamas I decided that was it- big people 2 pieces pajamas- in a little size.

Eloise is still in sleepers because she doesn't fight me about getting dressed and she still fits into all of the 9 months.
A rare moment of the girls sharing one of their favorite books.You can see that Beckett was fighting me about putting his bottoms on later and won that battle.

Shortly after this picture I heard a loud ruckus from downstairs and the pugs were going berserk. I went outside and this is what I found...

I let Bella out to scare away the duck because I didn't want it drinking pool water or pooping in the pool. Bella was not too scary and poor little blind Pickles didn't even see the duck so it just kept swimming around.

It finally left after about 30 minutes, not without leaving a few presents for us.

We have new living room furniture! We moved the coffee table out and put down colored foam squares....

Then put up a cage around the entire thing. It's stunning, a real eye pleaser.
But it gives us another place for the babies to play. At this point, we are needing more room because Addy is crawling all over the place, pulling herself up and then toppling down and Beckett is rolling all over and rocking back on forth on all fours- thinking about crawling. It can get a little hairy with the two of them.

"Don't think that I won't fall down with my full diaper and sit on you Beckett." -Addy

And if you really want to hear screaming, let one rest their legs (or actually kick) the other one in passing.

Beckett is really into kicking and bicycling while on his back. He can lay and kick things forever, in this case it looked like he was trying to kick down the gate with those skinny legs. Usually he has a rattle or bell in one hand making all kinds of commotion.

Speaking of the gate, if I am downstairs too long making bottles, this is where I find Addy when I come back up. Either standing against the gate or sitting like this screaming and licking the gate.

Eloise pretty much stays out of the fray with the other two. Probably because she wants nothing to do with moving around too much. She CAN roll from front to back and back to front but she doesn't WANT to. She prefers to sit and play with toys, giving an occasional holler when one of the other two steals something she can't get back because they roll or crawl away. I realized that I haven't posted that many pictures of her. Most likely because she is usually not doing something naughty. Also because she is just the most adorable little thing and most of the pictures I have of her I don't post because she has her eyes closed or eating a toy and don't do her justice.

Like I said, she likes to sit and read- well actually she has been working on trying to pull the rings off this book for about a month now. Very determined.

She is also my most tactile eater- this is a normal meal which is why I'm dreading moving to 3 meals of solid food a day.

This is a new favorite game and toy. Pretending to get a phone call from Grandma in WI.
Also a good shot of my new living room decor.

"Hmmm, that's funny. She said she would call. I'll just catch up on my reading while I'm waiting." -Eloise

"No wonder the phone never rang, it's not even plugged in!" -Eloise

I don't think I have to go into too much detail with this. Addy loves to climb. I have to remove everything that can be used to stand on.

She was biting the top of the gate and then tried to hang from the top when I attempted to get the little monkey off the wipes container. I'm sure she will use her brother or sister next.

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