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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Debut

I was going to call this "The Debutantes" because we made our first official venture into society this weekend but since that usually refers to females, I didn't want little Beckett to have to get the short end of the stick just because he has two sisters.

We are officially off of RSV restrictions. Have Triple Decker Stroller, Will Travel should be our new official motto. We got the go ahead to venture out and be normal people a few weeks ago but to take it slow as to not assault them to billions of germs immediately.

Last week I walked to the pharmacy with the babies to pick up their prescription of Prevacid. I had to take a big breath when I walked in the store with them the first time. It was like a big breath welcoming us to a new world of freedom (at least until October) but also a new world of scary germy unknown world. I was talking to a woman at the pharmacy and she was just Lady Gaga over the babies. I told her it was our first outing at 10 months old. She asked how many weeks gestation they were when they were born. She then introduced me to her teenage daughter who was born at 24 weeks, spent 5 months on a ventilator and told me the story of her first outing at the age of 1. She asked me if I had a camera and then took a picture.

It's not the best picture but what a huge step for us. Things could have gone terribly wrong because I don't know if you can see it but for some reason I chose to walk through the floral department. I was like an bull in a china store with that long stroller.

The pharmacy and 3 walks to the local frozen yogurt store were the trial runs for the big weekend. My frappacino addiction has been replaced with an addiction to avocado frozen yogurt. I know, sounds gaggy but it is delish. My brother Isaac was here for our big first event at a local Tex-Mex restaurant. I had a whole bag of sippy cups, snacks, 15 diapers, toys and disinfecting wipes. We had to pick a place that was kid-friendly, likely to have 3 high chairs, no wait and spacious enough for all of our stuff.

This is what cracked me up the most.

At first Beckett and Eloise were a little freaked out by all of the people. Beckett was clinging to Isaac's shirt and Eloise was not going to get put down for the life of her.

The Grip of Death.

But between the combination of playing with real spoons, the music to dance to, snacks and the ducks swimming in the lake, they eventually relaxed.
Of course Addy just hopped into a highchair and immediately started sucking on the table. The spoons were a good diversion that I have to remember to use again.

I never give them utensils in their feeding table for fear of poking out their neighbors' eyeball because they are so close.

The ducks or maybe the water fountain was also a big hit. I'm not sure why Rich has to hang Eloise over the edge- a little too Michael Jackson for my taste.

Eventually we got both Eloise and Beckett to sit in the highchairs. I think for them the music was a huge help; they both like to chair dance which is done better in the highchair than on a lap.

I tried to give them a little rice but I was sure everything else there had all of the evil ingredients I'm trying to keep them away from until they turn 1 so no chips and salsa for Eloise; she's packing dried apples.

This is it- another first. First time eating Tex-Mex without margaritas. Just kidding. First meal in a restaurant.

The next day I took Beckett to my favorite place. No, not Neiman Marcus (yet) but to Central Market grocery shopping. I wiped down the cart until it shined, strapped him in and he rode around wide-eyed for an hour. This kid is a natural; he even read his book in the check out line faking boredom from waiting.

He's a great little shopper and the bell I had hanging from the cart was a big hit with the other shoppers as well. Maybe I'll take both girls with me next time.

That's not the end of the Newman Debut or the news from this weekend but I'm exhausted thinking about the upcoming week so I'm breaking this up into two parts.
Here's a hint about the going ons this weekend- how many teeth do you think a pug has? Rich and I know for sure it is at least 22 and pugs can still eat with no or very few teeth.

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  1. Congrats on your first outings, its feels WONDERFUL, doesn't it?! How ironic that the employee had a 25 weeker, so sweet of her to take a pic!