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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It seems that each day the feeding ritual becomes more and more difficult. Some days Eloise won't eat and will just shake her head at me, other days Beckett cries the whole time he is in the feeding table and then there are days where Addy just wants to blow bubbles and practice spitting with everything she puts in her mouth.

I'm trying to give them a good variety of fruits (they hate fruit now), vegetables and grains but the only thing that seems to be a universal favorite are various dairy products- cheese, yogurt, keifer and milk. I don't give them any cow's milk products so everything is either soy, rice or goat.

There was about a week that they only wanted to drink things from regular glasses. Once they started refusing their regular food like green beans, lentils and avocado, I would just mix it with rice milk or goat keifer with ground flax seed and they would have a green bean lentil smoothie for breakfast. For a while the spinach and pea smoothies were very popular.

This morning I was just not up for the fight so I decided to give them a treat and give them all of their favorite foods- dairy products. This is what we eat for a treat at the Newman house for breakfast:

Seaweed sesame rice balls- a new finger food- they love it! Thanks Bambi!
Quinoa noodles with melted goat cheese- finger food
Celery spread with tofu cream cheese- finger food
Goat keifer, flax and herbed goat cheese smoothie- out of a regular grown-up glass.

Surprise- everyone ate this morning with no crying or fussing. They pretty much fed themselves with occasional drinks of the smoothie. It was blissful. They looked like a "Got Milk?" commercial by the end.

Check out the bottom chompers.

Shot of the top two chompers that caused so much trouble this weekend.

"Celery is simply a vehicle to eat cream cheese."- Eloise

This is the face halfway between laughing and crying- it could go either way.

Both pounding on the ball at that same time which works really well because it doesn't roll away.

"Like I said, celery is just a vehicle to eat cream cheese." -Eloise

Addy is now sitting up on her knees playing. She can pull herself to standing in the crib and likes to use me as a climbing gym.

"Look Mom- two hands!"- Beckett

Think I have my hands full?

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