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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rabbit Teeth and Bunny Ears

This post is going to be short on words but long on pictures. I wanted to get these pictures up while it was still Easter but I'm exhausted from a long weekend. The teething has taken a toll on all of us. Actually, it is not the teething but the whining due to the teething. Beckett's top front teeth are poking through and I think Eloise is starting to get her top teeth as well. Addy is still technically toothless but not for long. She woke up every 45 minutes last night.

I didn't give the babies their Easter baskets until this afternoon when we took the babies to White Rock Lake. Right now they are really into emptying things out of containers so a basked full of plastic eggs can keep them entertained for about 25 minutes.

There was nothing in the eggs because the only thing I could think to put in that would make noise and not be a choking hazard was Rice Chex and the humidity would have ruined all of the cereal and we waste enough food as it is with the new favorite game of feeding the pugs.

For some reason, I didn't think through the fact that setting up the blanket on the hill would make they roll down.

It was the worst for Addy because she kept trying to crawl and couldn't figure out what was going on.

Eloise took a tumble at one point as well.

This picture reminds me of the movie March of the Penguins. Look at Beckett's feet. He looks like he is about to transfer that pink egg with his feet.

Notice his perfectly round head? No more helmet as of last week. I'm not kidding you, his head is PERFECTLY round according to the measurements. It is also PERFECTLY bald.

He was so busy chewing on his hand he didn't even notice he was wearing bunny ears.

And now on to the girls...


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