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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What is green and short and really scary?

This afternoon it was a glorious day in Dallas so WE took the babies to the park in our community. And by we I mean me and our neighbor, Clarke. When I was pregnant my big plan was that Clarke was going to be my helper but because of RSV restrictions that whole plan was dashed. She has been waiting so patiently to help with the triplets and finally we are free! I didn't plan it so well so we didn't really have any toys but it turned out we really didn't need any because they discovered something that entertained us all- grass and leaves.

I was a little worried that I was going to be chasing Addy all over the park because she would just crawl away. I underestimated the power of new textures. Addy would get to the edge of the blanket, put one hand down and then pick it up like she had just touched something totally disgusting.

It stopped her in her tracks each and every time.

But, she was brave enough to peer over the edge of the blanket and delicately pluck up leaves from the grass. She is showing it to me right before shoving it not so delicately into her mouth.

At the time, hint, hint, Beckett could not crawl so he was rolling all over the blanket and scooting forward the grass would stop him every time. And make him cry.

This is after being rescued from the grass. Recovery of something so terrifying took quite some time.

I don't have any pictures of Eloise, yet again. She doesn't roll, she just pushes herself backwards while on her belly. She ended up about a foot off the blanket on the grass and didn't seem to notice. What a brave little thing. She was covered in grass and didn't make one peep.

Oh yeah, right before his bath tonight, Beckett crawled for the first time.

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