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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I thought I had a mess on my hands before

We've figured out two new ways to make a mess. Let me talk about the first way which we have named, "party planning."

Generally, the kitchen is off limits for playing because my kitchen is not baby proofed and because they are so speedy now it takes 3 people to watch them. I can have one playing in the pug water bowl, another banging on the window and a third pulling out pots and pans before I know it. But they get tired of just being in playroom and the nursery so sometimes we let them play in the kitchen in one specific cupboard that has all of the paper products leftover from parties.

Addy is the lead planner and pulls all goods needed for the event that day yelling orders at the other two.

Beckett dutifully sorts and organizes.

Socks or cups, it doesn't matter to Eloise. She'll pull them all apart.

And this little game is what we call party planning.
Then it all gets shoved back into the cupboard until they have another event booked. Anyone want to come to my house for a backyard BBQ?

But nothing is a mess compared to spaghetti. I normally just give them fusilli or ziti or some pasta that I thought would be easy for them to pick up, it never occurred to me to give them long spaghetti until it was leftover from the adults one day.

"Look Mom, it keeps going, and going, and going..." -Beckett

One year of sucking on bottles prepared my crew to be picture perfect spaghetti eaters.

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