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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

It is so miserably hot here in Texas. It is even hot to go places because getting the babies in an out of the minivan is a sweaty endeavor so we mostly have been entertaining the3 little monkeys at home. They do a pretty good job entertaining themselves as you will see.

Eloise is hanging out on the couch under the ceiling fan.

Anytime Mini-me gets her hands on a baby wipe, wash cloth, towel, or in this case, a wrapper from Taco Bell, she cleans. She'll clean shelves, the wall, the floor and funny enough, her feet.
Rich HATES this outfit. I love it of course. They all like to clap but Beckett in particular is a clapaholic. The problem is that for Beckett and Eloise clapping is identical to signing "more" so it can get a little confusing for me.

"Look what I found in the dump truck!" It is amazing how they can find joy in the smallest things.

Eloise is digging for more treasure in the dump truck and flashing her top 3 teeth.

Beckett and Eloise were standing at the gate chatting, probably about how much fun it is to try to empty the play room by throwing all the toys down the stairs.

Way better than any Hollywood mug shot.

She'll learn fast enough how dangerous it can be to walk and read.

Yep, more clapping.

Little Eloise is working so hard to push her sister on the riding lion. Help a girl out Addy and use your feet!

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