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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I can't believe I got a pictures of this

Before bath time tonight, Rich yelled "Kate, come look at this!" Can you see it?

Eloise is standing by herself!!! I took about 50 pictures.
(Can you guess what Mr. B is doing in this picture?)

One of the fifty- Addy standing and reading a book, Eloise standing in front of the toy bin and Beckett crawling IN the toy bin. BTW, he has no interest in standing. He likes to run when you run with him holding his hands but standing or walking is not of any interest to him.

Remember Beckett's bucket on the head? Now Beckett and Addy fight over the bucket. Looks like she won this round. Times two.

The only way I could get a group picture was to put a book in front of them. Eloise is on her way to knock it down.

Why aren't the girls wearing shirts? And why is Addy's belly so big? I'll show you.

During dinner Addy ripped off her bib and proceeded to devour every single grain of rice should could find. One grain at a time.

She apparently couldn't find the grains of rice on her head.

Look at those hands. She thought it was really funny later that her hands were sticking together.

We were past the point trying to keep her clean so we gave her own grown-up glass of keifer.

Eloise lost her bib part way through the meal as well. But this picture is more about the pretty spectacular mullet that Eloise has been sporting lately. Rich thinks she looks like she should play left wing for the Montreal Canadiens.

Beckett didn't get stripped down after dinner because he decided to eat his bowl rather than food during dinner. Way to help me out and stay clean Mr. B! He is so thoughtful.

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