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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too Close for Comfort

When we were first looking at feeding tables, we were trying to chose between one that was much larger where the babies were further apart and the one we have. The reviews were great on both with 2 exceptions. The other one takes up lots of space, so that was bad but the smaller one was so compact the babies can touch each other and steal food. With limited space we opted for the smaller table thinking our sweet little angels would not dare bother their siblings while eating. So this is the progress of a typical meal...

Addy eating her noodles so sweetly.

Beckett sucking down his noodles.

Eloise savoring her food as always. She'll eat anything and everything.

Addy getting a little rambunctious smashing noodles into her face.

Addy stealing noodles from Beckett.

Addy stealing food from Eloise.

Eloise stealing food from Addy.

Addy raising her hand to tattle on Eloise and Eloise tries to pull her arm down.

Addy lays down on the table to tease Beckett. Notice that Eloise doesn't have a bowl? She was sneaking all of her food under the table to feed the pugs so she lost bowl privileges.

The teasing get sillier and sillier and it is all fun and games until...

Someone gets poked in the eye and the victim AND offender become hysterical.

Beckett recovered from his altercation with Addy to pose with his full bowl of food that he refused to eat.
Let's see what he all has in there- green beans, scrambled eggs with black beans, pinto beans, rice, cheese, tortillas, spaghetti, Veggie Stix, blueberries and pumpkin bread. Normally between Rich and I we usually eat whatever is leftover but this combo was a little too grody even for me.
I guess we should have gone with the other table.

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