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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Little Boy Beckett

This post is about my little boy Beckett. Currently he is our daily challenge and always a daily delight. He is such a funny, funny kid and I know I'm not even doing him justice with these pictures and little stories. Keep in mind, all of these pictures are from about a 1 hour time frame so you can imagine what he does in a whole day.

Beckett found a hairbrush and with no hair, had no idea what to do with it. He gnawed on it for a while and ended up with a mouthful of bristles. He looked so innocent yet so guilty at the same time.

Then he spent about 10 minutes sitting on the couch and pulling on his ears. He didn't have an ear infection; they are just a source of amusement for him.

This is a daily occurrence. He has a plastic container that he puts on his head and goes about his business. He just hangs out with a container on his head. No joke.

There is a smaller container that is that is too small for his head and if he tries that one first he screams and throws himself backwards in a fit until he gets the larger one that fits.

He'll crawl around with it on. Play with trucks with it on. Read books with it on. Everyone once in a while he'll pull it up, look underneath and then put it back on and keep playing.

Oh my funny little astronaut. Guess he is just getting prepared to go to space camp.

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