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Monday, March 7, 2011

Daddy Duty

Rich took care of the kids by himself this weekend while I went up to Green Bay to spend Saturday with my mom for her birthday. I have no qualms about leaving. I usually make sure they have enough food for the weekend, maybe put out the clothes just to ensure the girls are not wearing some crazy get up and take off Friday evening. This time I didn't worry too much about the food because Saturday morning Rich was going to take the kids to Whole Foods to get milk and some items for lunch. I wish I had a picture of him pulling the Choo-Choo and pushing the cart. Anytime we go somewhere I always take care of the diaper bag with all of the essentials. We rarely leave the house without sippy cups, snacks, hand sanitizer and the most important item- lovies.
I talked to Rich on their way home from Whole Foods and he said that Eloise threw a FIT in the middle of the store and ended up having to buy a $30 stuffed dog to calm her down. His comment was, "At least it is organic." It turns out the purchase of the dog was a result of tactical error of the most basic kind. He forgot the lovies.
I found out later that he also bought 2 rubber duckies at Whole Foods as well- $50 worth of toys later, they made their escape. I did get one more call right before lunch with Rich asking, "Can the kids eat pesto?" I don't know why that cracked me up. Probably because pesto is super messy so I was like have at it!!!
He sent me this picture from Saturday morning with the caption- Last One Standing.
Addy has been a machine at mealtime and will sit and wait for mealtime and then sit at the table long after the other two are gone. Tonight she sat at the table for an hour straight. I had the dishes washed, floor swept and kitchen totally cleaned around her and she was still sitting there eating. She is very deliberate and methodical when eating. But I noticed that she was doing other things as well such as cleaning the table and the booster seat next to her interspersed with taking bites of food.

Back to the infamous stuffed dog. It is now a favorite for Beckett and quite a versatile and busy little dog. I don't think it is supposed to be a riding animal (per the collapse) but that is what he thinks.

Yes, the bucket on the head thing is back. Or as we call it- ROBOT BECKETT in a robotic voice with robot hand motions. Think that encourages it?

The little dog also likes to go for a walk.

Beckett wanted the dog to sit on the chair at lunch today which I vetoed which was a pretty risky decision on my part. Making him mad around mealtime puts the whole meal and whether or not he will take even 1 bite of food in jeopardy. Yesterday was a perfect example- he didn't want to sit in the booster seat and ended up crying and screaming for 20 minutes before putting him down for a nap 30 minutes early. That didn't work too well because he woke up 2 hours earlier than normal probably from hunger. Ugggg. Anyway, it paid off today because he sat in the booster seat and actually ate food at a mealtime rather than just milk and snacks.

When he is happy, he is the most joyous little thing. Like here, running to lunch.
Mom, I have an idea. How about I eat only pickles for lunch (newest favorite food)?

Look at this finger. Is is just me or does it look double jointed.

Eloise is no slouch at mealtime either. She eats just about everything, doesn't seem to be bothered by too much spice or unusual textures or tastes like seaweed. She loves to drink water and is the loudest slurper ever. He phase of throwing everything on the floor when she is done seems to have tapered out thankfully and she is very verbal when she is done. Pretty much everything she says sounds like "da" which I think in Eloise talk can mean done, dog, yes, lovies, Addy, Beckett, that, milk, juice and until today Daddy. At dinner tonight she pointed at Rich and yelled, "Dada" which was super cute especially since she clapped for herself afterwards. These pictures are from a few days ago but I rarely get close ups of the little doll since she is always so busy hustling around cleaning, folding clothes, organizing, stacking objects and methodically moving things from one place to another. Rich calls her the "Busiest Baby On the Block"

Here's looking at you kid!

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