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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Triple-Triplet Threat

If it is just my kids- it is the Triple Threat. But throw in 2 other sets of triplets it is the Triple-Triplet Threat. That is what was going on at our house this morning. We had a triple triplet play date. All three sets were born within 6 days of each other and all 3 sets are 2 girls and 1 boy.

Sometimes I feel guilty that my kids are so sheltered and I haven't given them the opportunity to go gyms, classes or have play dates because of the fear of germs. But having a play date with other kids who are under the same restrictions with moms that understand with every ounce of their being what just a cough or just a runny nose means to our children is perfect and the only play date situation that I'm comfortable with right now. This play date was in the works for several weeks and we had to cancel a few times because of sickness but finally everyone was healthy and ready to play.

The boys were outnumbered but they sure held their own. They were by far the most outgoing. At one point I looked up and all 6 girls and 3 moms were sitting on the floor of the living room and all 3 boys were playing in/around the laundry room. I think it was the brooms, sliding door and doggie water dish that were the big draw in the other room. The other big draw are new snacks and sippy cups that don't look like yours! It always surprises me how cautious Addy is at first around new people given her normal penchant for risk when it is just me. But again today it took about 15 minutes on my lap before she was up and at 'em, with only one shoe on(refused to wear TWO shoes earlier in the morning).

I asked the kids if they liked playing with their new friends. Addy nodded her head emphatically about 10 times and headed up the stairs for her nap, Beckett smiled and covered his eyes with his hands and Eloise ignored me because she was busy sucking on her lovie. They must have had a really good time because they have ALL been napping for 2.5 hours without a peep.
Addy and Jack checking each other out
Attempt at all 9 L-R Katie, Sully, Kylee, Eloise, Leah, Beckett, Isla, Jack & Addy

Sully, Kylee, Eloise, Leah, Beckett, Isla, Jack, & Addy- just missing beautiful Katie but we'll get her next time!

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