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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

At first if you don't succeed...

Addy not napping is slowing wearing me down. I'm teetering, teetering, teetering on the brink here. She has napped separate from the other two for probably over a year because she has always had shorter naps and would wake easier. It wasn't a big deal in our other house because we had a pack n' play in the guest bedroom and that is where she would go. Here, we only have two bedrooms so the pack n' play is in our bedroom. So when she was napping I would have to make sure I had everything out of our bedroom I needed. It was kind of a pain but only temporary AND she was napping.
My thought now that maybe if she saw the other two napping she would understand, "Oh, this is what I'm supposed to do! I get it!!!" So the last two days she has been "napping" in the nursery with the other two. Yesterday after about 30 minutes of yelling, "Mamamamama and Baybeeee, baybeeee, baybeee" I ran out to look at a house while Rich stayed here. He said she was quiet for about 20 minutes before she got hysterical and got her before she woke up the other two. So MAYBE she napped yesterday for about 20 minutes.
She has been in with the other two for officially 54 minutes today. The first 30 minutes I could hear her laughing, heckling, and teasing up the other two. Normally Eloise and Beckett go down for a nap without a sound so it was unusual to her them hamming it up as well. Now for the last 24 minutes Addy is yelling, "Mama, Mamamamama, Mum, Mummy, Ma, Mamamama." Every variation. And there is an occasional singing or talking from Eloise. I can also hear that she stole the triathlon magazine that was in Beckett's crib and is ripping it to shreds. I can't believe he is not hysterical to see his precious magazine turned into confetti in the name of spite. I tell he is awake too because he is humming and chiming in with a "Mama" every now and again.
On another note why it probably was not a great idea to put Addy in with the other two is that we found out that Addy can crawl from one crib to the next. My Dad and Bambi were babysitting on Saturday and my Dad put Addy in Beckett's crib by accident. She flipped herself into her crib freaking herself out in the process. We are hoping she learned her lesson and was sufficiently scared because I'm not ready for the additional struggle of trying to keep them in their cribs. I know it is coming but please, one challenge at a time.
I'm going to give it another 15 minutes. I'm just pleased she is not crying. That is a step in the right direction.

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