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Monday, March 7, 2011

New Word

This whole language thing is terrifying and fascinating to me at the same time. I'm terrified because Eloise and Beckett are not really talking. I feel like it is finally time to get them into speech therapy. Our pedi is totally comfortable waiting until they are 24 months old but I'm starting to get pretty freaked out. And we all are getting frustrated.

Our pedi has tried to reassure me that one day the kids will just "get it" start talking and never look back. I think that is where Addy is at this point and it is just fascinating and thrilling to watch. I think she calls Eloise "Ya-ya" but I'm not exactly sure. I need to hear it a few more times to confirm. But I know for sure she added a new word to her repertoire yesterday. She now says, "poo" but refuses to acknowledge she has "poo" in her diaper. When asked, she usually points to Beckett. Or tries to change the subject by barking like a dog, pretend she got bumped on the head or surprise, pretend like she does not hear me.

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