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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Walk this way!

The kids have been very interested in holding our hands, or fingers if there is only one of us- I don't have 3 hands but I have 10 fingers- and running or walking around the house. So I figured it was time to bring out the walking rope that arrived the other day. This is how it went down...

Okay everyone grab a ring (all the rings are of different safari animals)

Okay everyone has a ring? Follow me the window.

Oops, we lost Beckett to the lure of the pug. He had to run over and give her a kiss.

Of course, a new leader took over.

Stop and re-arrange.

Okay follow me to the kitchen.

Wait, why is this stuck?

How did I get velcroed to the booster seat?

And then there were two.
Addy got distracted by the chairs in the kitchen and sat there until I gave her milk and cookies. The other two joined her after one more lap around the living room.

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  1. I was going to comment that Beckett seems to be pantless more times than not but then I scrolled back through your recent posts found that wasn't really the case. :) So he's good.

    I saw those rings on some multiples show and thought they were so cool. I'll have to find out where you got them when the time comes for that. Addy's dreams will finally come true on actually being a ring leader!

    On your past post, so sad to see the triplet table go. We haven't really started into ours but I know the time will go fast. Hopefully you have joined a multiples group and it found a good home!