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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zoo Condominium

The Lego Duplo blocks are now the most popular toy in the house. Beckett really loves them but until a few days ago would get frustrated when they would not stick together after one try. He has since figured it out. Eloise loves them as well but her method of putting them together is a little different. She uses brute force and diligence. If she can't get them together on the first try she pushes so hard her little arms shake and doesn't give up until she has success. It's hysterical to watch. Addy can stack them like 20 high but doesn't get too worked up over them. She prefers to sit at the table and play with little jars taking the lids on and off while I wash dishes or follow me around copying what I do- washing hands, putting on shoes, washing the table, whatever.

The other day I was at Target with the kids and saw all of the sets of Duplo blocks with animals and cars and thought we should get more because there is always a fight over the one window and one little man we have. I don't know why this stuff just doesn't occur to me sooner. Just a side note about our Target trip- it was the first time that I was alone with the kids in a public place that I had to use the restroom. We go somewhere almost every day and it never crossed my mind what I would do. I considered going home but we were 30 minutes away and I was pretty sure that would have been a disaster so I figured I would wheel them in and keep the stall door open to keep an eye on them. They know they are not supposed to get out the choo-choo wagon but Beckett tried one time while I was getting them in the van and fell on his head in the parking lot so they can't get out the wagon by themselves safely. They don't have seat belts in the wagon and me watching them and reminding them to stay seated was the only way to keep them safe. I figured their safety was more important than my modesty. Also, they have rarely if ever walked around in a store and I wasn't about to start that whole business in the stall of a bathroom. But what I didn't realize was that Target has Family Restrooms which I honestly never even looked at or considered until that day. What a perfect solution. Again, no modesty but it is just like home. There is always a little face peering in on me.

Back to the Duplo Legos. Yesterday our big outing was to the toy store to buy some new legos. Future toy store visits will need to be few and far between because now they have figured out what a toy store is. They wanted things they have never even seen before like Elmo and Mickey Mouse. Maybe Addy has seen Sesame Street a few times but I'm pretty positive that Eloise and Beckett never have and they have never seen Mickey. It must be something about those characters that are universally appealing. The trucks, bulldozers, dump trucks and all the garbage trucks were very popular as well. We got out of there with only 2 sets of Legos and a few Matchbox cars. Phew!
As we were leaving Rich saw a McDonald's and said that he hadn't had a Shamrock Shake in years and wanted to go through the drive-thru. As we did I was thinking it was a bad idea because anytime the kids see us eat something they want it and I just couldn't bring myself to order something for them. It was about a 25 minute drive home and since it was snowing a little bit I didn't think it was a good idea for me to be driving with all the screaming about shakes so we caved and the kids had McDonalds for the first time. They shared the Shamrock Shake with their dad. I'm not sure how much they actually drank because it was super thick and really hard to suck up the straw but they tasted enough that they were fighting over holding the cup.
Later that day Rich said to me, "Today I feel like normal parents; we went to the toy store and McDonalds." That comment struck me and I still don't really know how to process it. I think we are pretty normal, very rigid, structured and obsessive (me) but normal given that we have triplets. But I think he is right. Sometimes I need to just lighten up. A couple of sips of a Shamrock shake is not going to turn them into leprechauns. We need to shake up our routine a little bit both for the kids and for us.
Needless to say, they have been building like mad with the new legos.
This is pretty much the scene all day long here. Lounging with the legos. Ugg, those boys with their long skinny legs. What I wouldn't give for those!

This is the famous (around our house anyway) Zoo Condo. This is where the animals live with windows and a parking garage below. Eloise is in the process of destroying it block by block but Beckett always tries to build it again.

I love this picture. Beckett hanging out guarding his creation, reading a magazine with his legs crossed.

That busy little doggie is back!
Why did it collapse? What do you mean it can't support me? I'm just a little peanut girl!

And while the other two are playing with legos and dogs and reading books Addy is usually messing around in the kitchen. Yesterday she was in the laundry room with the door closed and when I investigated I found out she was pretending to wash her hands with an empty soap pump. I have to pry it out of her hands to go upstairs to bed. Then a few times I was changing a diaper and I came to find her sitting in a booster seat at the table buckled in. And I didn't put her there. I just couldn't figure out how she managed to crawl up there, especially without falling or making a peep. Then I witnessed it. She crawls up on a chair with no booster seat, crawls across the table and lowers herself down onto the booster seat, buckles herself in and yells for food.

When she is not sitting in the booster seats she is going around buckling all the straps and then yells for me to unsnap them so she can start over again. Oh, she just kills me.
This was tonight after a spaghetti dinner which I will post tomorrow. Rich liked his hairstyle after dinner which was less little boy style and more party boy style.
Seriously Rich, stop putting this shirt on Beckett. It is getting a tad embarrassing.

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