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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SNOW in TX, Rain in TX, Cold in TX

It snowed in TX today. When I got up at took the dogs out at 5:30 it was just raining. Addy was up and I played with her until about 6:15 when Beckett woke up. Then I fed both of them a bottle and we all went back to sleep until 8!! That hasn't happened in a LONGGGGG time. And when we woke up, it was snowing.

It was like an early Christmas present to me. Snow, babies sleeping and coffee in the morning. It doesn't get much better. Well it would be better if the babies would nap longer than 45 minutes at a time. Today was our first attempt at "crying it out" when Eloise and Beckett woke up after 45 minutes. I let them cry about 10 minutes before the hysteria started, not to mention the copious amounts of snot on their faces. Meanwhile my big girl Addy was downstairs sleeping in the stroller. I know, that is really bad habit but until I get pack n' plays in a different room for each baby so they can cry without waking up one another, I'll take the naps where I can get it.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy two pack n'plays and then the real "sleep training" starts. I also need a place where I can put Addy at night when she wakes up several times. The other night I think she woke up 5 times and was inconsolable. I was so tired it didn't even occur to me that she might be teething until my Mom mentioned it. That caused a bolt of fear to run through my body. I'm not ready for that yet. They are still too little and it sounds like a total nightmare when they do start teething. Thank goodness it was just one off night for her. No teeth. I checked several times. Just smooth little baby gums. I'm going to be sad when those toothless grins are gone.

The cold weather also limits our walks which turns out to decrease the amount of time the babies sleep during the day.
Won't see this scene in a while (lined up to get put in the stroller)

It took me a few days of hysterical crying to figure out the problem. I tried to get them to nap in the house and not while walking and they didn't like that idea. So, I solved it my pushing the last bottle and bedtime earlier. I'm just hoping they don't get up that much earlier. We'll see.
I did get a few new toys to help keep them entertained but I think I jumped the gun a little bit. Here is Addy in the new exersaucer.

Look that those cute little feet hanging down. I guess we will have to wait a few more months for this entertainment. This is also an excellent picture of her enviable hair line.

The big news is that tomorrow we are starting rice cereal in their bottle. As I've mentioned, currently they get a thickener that has no caloric value which I think is contributing to their ity-bity size. They really don't look terribly skinny but for their age, they are below the 3rd percentile. :( So the plan is to use the rice cereal for the thickener, thus adding more calories to their diet. We are also getting a nutrition consult to see what else I can do to help them gain weight.

Tomorrow is also their 6 month well-baby visit and immunizations. We have a couple of concerns and issues to bring up such as:

-the rash on Beckett's head which we thought was cradle-cap but I'm sure it is something more interesting like eczema.

(his daddy must have dressed him.) You can't see the rash in this picture but you can see where he scratched his head. I think it's itchy because he has all kind of scratches today.

-Addy has a split lip. Well, more like a cracked lip. Does she need Carmex?

-Addy and Beckett are getting evaluated at Children's on Tuesday for their abnormal head shape also called plagiocephaly. We need to check if Eloise needs to as well.

-Beckett does not like to nap or eat anymore. He eats about 7 oz less than Eloise a day. How can I force feed him?

-How can I get them to nap longer than 45 minutes?

That's all I can remember right now but I have a list. I'm really not a pesky mom, it just seems like that because I have to ask about 3.

Here's another attempt at holiday pictures. I took about 50 pictures and this is the best if that gives you an idea of hard it is to get 3 hunched over babies to sit up, not fall over, look at you and not cry.

One final note, our pugs are not having too much fun with the babies yet. They feel a little neglected and are trying all sorts of antics to get our attention.

We still love you pugs, but I may rethink that if I have to wipe down the bouncy seats every morning.

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