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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week in Pictures

Just a few pictures from this week. Believe me, I have more but here is just a sampling.

Addy Hannibal Newman

I swear this girl only had 10 fingers when she was born, but I do remember counting to 30 at some point...

Bear butt and Beckett. This is actually one of the stuffed animals he wrestles every morning. I give him suggestions for wrestling moves like wet willies and snake bites.

This is the last time the little schoolgirl can wear this denim jumper with the red apple buttons. The buttons are about to pop off because of the belly.

"This is what I think of sweet potato" -Eloise (introduced this morning for the first time, it didn't go over well. Lots of crying, gagging and laughing)

They look so innocent. Who knew they could carry on so much about a little root vegetable.

I'm trying to get those toothless grins while I can. Everyday I'm watching for a tooth to pop out on her- maybe then she will sleep through the night???

I have no words for these pictures of Addy. My mom took them without even looking through the lens of the camera. Just snapped a few pictures.

We had a very special visitor tonight who is normally very busy this time of year but decided to come see the very nice and only a little naughty Newman triplets. Hint- I guess Reindeer are out and Mustangs are in...

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