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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Week Hanging Out With The Babies

Our nanny is still sick, well she is better but we wanted her to stay away for an extra week because of germs. Anyway, Rich and I have had a blast hanging out with the babies. Here just a couple of pictures of our typical day.

We started on bananas this week. These little monkeys LOVED them. I think the consistency was perfect because they were slurping them off the spoon.

Notice the same bib on Addy as Eloise. I was feeding them one at time and Eloise didn't get it TOO dirty so I used it again. Seriously, I don't need to make extra laundry for myself.

Beckett ate 1/2 of a banana is one sitting.
So far they have had rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, avocado, sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas- in that order. I think next on the agenda is goat yogurt.

This is how they tell me they are done. Either that or clamp their mouths shut. I prefer the latter. Less mess.

Typical play time. Addy has figured out how to move herself around by throwing her legs to the side repeatedly. Like a little ratchet. She can't quite roll from back to stomach but she tries really hard. Check out Beckett and the gorilla.

Beckett will wrestle and talk with the gorilla for an hour at a time. Eloise likes it too. Addy whips it to the side and then kicks it.

Addy can almost prop sit. Sometimes when she falls forward she manages to kick her legs out from under her and end up on her belly for tummy time. She doesn't even care when she falls over.

Before they were fighting was with the hands, mostly scratching, pinching and karate chops. Now they have figured out that taking each other out at the knees is a more effective fighting strategy. I can't believe our once fragile little preemies are now down and dirty street fighters.

Naptime for Eloise and Daddy. I really don't like when they nap outside of the crib but they looked so sweet and they were so tired. (Eloise was playing, Daddy was running in the snow- and I don't make him nap in the crib)

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