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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pass the chips, please.

On Saturday we introduced solid foods for the first time. We gave them guacamole, umm, I mean avocado. I put it in a food mill and mixed it with formula. Yummmm. I don't have highchairs yet so we lined them up in their Bumbos with a water resistant picnic blanket underneath.

Eloise was first. She was a little apprehensive and seemed a little put out about only getting a small amount of food at a time. As you probably know, more goes on the chin and bib than in the mouth. It was like the paparazzi was out in full force. My mom was snapping pictures and Rich was videotaping.

On Sunday during the second session, she would scream, I would put more in her mouth, she would stop screaming, think for a minute, eat a little, spit some out then scream some more. Do you think it was the jalapenos in the guac?

Look at those cheeks. She sure doesn't look so skinny that she is not even on the weight chart.

Beckett was next. He did pretty well. He got a little more in his mouth and wasn't so mad about the small amounts of food. He was thinking really hard about what was going on and seemed a little confused.
But today he did so much better. Together he and Eloise at 1/2 of an avocado in one session. He didn't eat his 11 am bottle too well today and our nanny Maria kept telling my mom that it was because he wants to eat everything with a spoon now. Umm, I think we'll stick with the bottles at least for now.

I knew Addy would do great because she had been doing well when I was practicing with drops of water. She opens her mouth when the spoon is coming and keeps about 1/2in her mouth. The second time eating she ate about 1/8th of an avocado by herself. I know she is done when she starts to throw herself backwards and try to backflip out of the Bumbo. The others just kind of let it dribble down their chins when they are done. She has no problem telling me. She is also the only who has figured out to put her hands in her mouth while eating(=total mess) and to smear her bib on her face (=even more mess).

She is just about to lose it. See the hands creeping up under the bib?

The leftovers. I left the pit in the mix to keep it from turning brown- not that they care.

Do you think this girl is teething? Look at the drool.
She's wearing a "very hungry caterpillar" velvet jumper. I'm really into putting them in velvet. Beckett has a full red outfit and looks like a total pimp.

Another bath time photo. She has this funny little grimace smile that I keep trying to capture. This is close but not quite it.

Next on the menu- SWEET POTATOES

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